You may have damage to parts of your property that are not insured by EQC but are still covered under your AMI House Policy. We call claims relating to these parts of your property 'out of scope' claims as the damage is outside of the scope of cover EQC provides.

These claims may include earthquake damaged patios, paths, fences, driveways (including shared driveways and fences) and pools.

98% of our out of scope programme has now been completed (21720 claims in total), and all remaining out of scope claims will be cash settled.          

Who will I work with on my claim?

If you only have an out of scope claim, this will be managed by our Southern Response out of scope team. 

Who will do the assessment of my out of scope damage?

A Southern Response appointed contractor will undertake your out of scope damage assessment.

What happens after my assessment is done?

We will choose to cash settle your out of scope claim, including a 10% contingency allowance.


If you have any questions about your out of scope claim, please call us 0800 501 525. We are committed to keeping you informed about your claim and will do everything we can to assist you.