Even if your Southern Response-managed home repair has been completed, we know questions can come up.

You may have heard about a recent independent survey of earthquake repairs to Canterbury homes, conducted by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE). We understand you may be uncertain about what this means for you.

The report from the survey, along with other relevant information from MBIE, can be found here.

your home

A total of 101 homes were randomly selected for the survey, the majority of which had had repairs completed by EQC, Housing New Zealand, IAG or ourselves. The survey also included a small sample of homes where the owners had opted out of an insurer-led home repair programme. The purpose was to understand the level of Building Code compliance of earthquake repairs to Canterbury homes.

Our result of zero non-compliant defects is reassuring, and we feel this is a testament to the quality assurance, training and monitoring in our programme. However, the survey was based on a small sample of homes. If your over cap home repair has been completed by us, and you weren’t part of the survey, we want you to have total confidence in your completed home repairs too.

That’s why we’ve set up a dedicated phone number to answer any remaining questions you may have.

With the evidence we have accumulated for your home, along with the assistance of our expert technical repair staff, we can find answers to your questions and even arrange a further site visit for you if necessary.

Our team can also provide copies of technical reports and ROVER underfloor video footage, where applicable.

Don’t sit and worry unnecessarily – call us today on 0800 500 001.


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