The In the Know Hub’s next seminar, Substandard repairs – what are your legal rights?, will be held this Thursday, 10 September.



This seminar will be of value for homeowners who would like to know more about what to consider and be aware of when entering the process of getting repairs rectified. This is an independent legal perspective (not an engineering one).

Key topics covered will include:

● How to determine whether or not your repair is substandard

● When you should engage independent professionals

● What free services are available to help

● The current process for rectifying repair issues

● When you should seek legal representation

● Homeowner responsibilities with respect to substandard repairs

● Implications for the homeowner regarding insurance and future sale of a property

Substandard repairs – what are your legal rights? will be held this Thursday, 10 September at the In the Know Hub, Eastgate Shopping Centre from 1pm-2pm and from 6pm-7pm. The seminar will be presented by independent solicitor John Goddard, and there will also be an opportunity for visitors to ask questions following the presentation.

Due to limited space and the popularity of these seminars, visitors are encouraged to book a seat in advance by calling 0800 777 482. All hub seminars are also filmed, and are available for viewing here