There has been coverage today that a decision has now been made not to allow the proposed class action to proceed as the group had intended.

This decision confirms our view that every customer’s claim is unique and requires a tailored solution.

We have an ongoing commitment to helping you resolve your claim properly, fairly and efficiently so you can get back home or settle your claim as quickly as possible. We are also here to support those of you who are vulnerable or in difficult circumstances with particular time and care.

Our concerns around the proposed class action focused on the potential impact for customers, and in particular the delays involved in proceeding on a group basis rather than addressing each customer’s claim on an individual basis.

We have remained committed to working with each of the 46 claimants involved in the group to find a resolution for their individual circumstances and will continue to do so. To date, 26,000 customer claims have been settled, with the remainder actively moving forward in our programme.

We encourage you to speak with us in the first instance if you have any concerns or any issues arise. You can find our contact details here. Additionally, there is free independent help and support available for you right throughout the claim settlement process, including Breakthrough Services, Residential Advisory Service, and the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman. We find that for some customers, talking with reputable third party experts can give them greater confidence in settling their claim, similar to doing your due diligence on a house purchase.

With a staff of locals, working for locals, it is our privilege to support and work with you to keep your claim moving forward.