The Canterbury earthquakes have left an indelible mark on the shape and landscape of our city as we move forward, rebuilding our lives and homes.

In our unique environment characterised by movement, it is especially important that we develop safe and comfortable housing options which are suited to the land. This is our opportunity to ensure that the rebuilding of our city is undertaken with careful thought and cooperative planning to help ensure a more stable future for our communities.

Born out of a commitment by Southern Response to provide a solution for TC3 rebuilds that is not only structurally robust, but also appealing and attainable for the average person, The Cantabrian concept home was the result of a design competition run in association with the New Zealand Institute of Architects in 2013.

A modern take on the quintessential New Zealand bungalow, The Cantabrian is the combined vision of Southern Response and architect Richard Sellars.

Richard was inspired to enter the design competition because he believes that every house, no matter how small the budget or footprint, should be well-designed and placed carefully on the land. This competition provided him with an opportunity to design a home that would be warm, strong, comfortable and light-filled for the people of his hometown.

Impressed by Richard’s design, Southern Response decided to translate it into a concept home that would benefit both customers and the wider community, providing a place for all Cantabrians to gain inspiration. Constructed of lighter weight materials with specifically engineered foundations, the architectural influence also allowed for a contemporary design and clever, creative use of space.

After more than 4,000 visitors came through the doors seeking ideas and inspiration during its time as a concept home, The Cantabrian is now transitioning into a new phase as it becomes a home. We are confident that the concepts from The Cantabrian will continue to be replicated for future residential rebuilds, not only in Christchurch, but around New Zealand.