Southern Response and Arrow International recently collaborated with Crown Entity Housing New Zealand to identify the most robust and innovative solutions for repairing foundations of homes damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes. 

The study consisted of extensive foundation trials conducted on damaged single and multi-storey Housing New Zealand properties, with consideration given to the different types of housing, foundation and land types. The objective was to investigate robust and innovative repair methods that would meet new geotechnical and engineering requirements in Canterbury. The study has proved hugely beneficial. Not only did it identify suitable methodology for projects, it also resulted in the development of new methodologies and a range of solutions that could be applied to many properties.

Support for the trialled methodologies has been received from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Engineering Advisory Group, and included as updates for MBIE building and construction guidelines. These innovative repair solutions have had significant impact on the speed of the repair programme and are proving beneficial to homeowners, communities, the construction industry and insurers.

The below video provides an overview of how your policy fits with the MBIE guidelines, with regards to foundation repairs and "as new" requirements. You can also click here to view our "as new" factsheet.


Packing House Piles

Trialled on concrete ring foundations with timber floor structures. This methodology was tested both on heavy and lightweight clad houses for TC2 and TC3 properties.

See the factsheet

Mechanical Lift (repairing your concrete foundation)

Trialled on duplex units with concrete slab foundations and heavyweight cladding and roofs on TC3 land.

See the factsheet

Mechanical Lift (repairing your concrete perimeter foundation)

Trialled on TC3 properties with both concrete ring and slab foundations.

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Engineered Resin Lift

A fast repair methodology, trialled on slab-on-grade properties with minimal site damage.

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 Replacing your timber floor house piles

See the factsheet

Concrete floor slab crack repair

See the factsheet

Concrete floor internal slab cutout and replacement

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The following link contains video guides, including some of repair methodologies which you may find useful and informative. It also contains other technical information which has been developed by MBIE as a guide for builders.

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