What is GCCRS?

The Greater Christchurch Claims Resolution Service (GCCRS) has been established to provide a streamlined claims process for homeowners with unresolved residential earthquake claims. GCCRS will be independent, and will provide balanced and experienced advice to help people move through what can be a difficult and stressful process.

The GCCRS is homeowner focussed, a dedicated settlement support broker will support each homeowner through the claims process until a resolution is reached.  GCCRS does not just provide advice, it is actively coordinating with Southern Response, and other agencies involved in residential earthquake claims.  GCCRS will help homeowners move forward, and, when needed, have difficult agency-to-agency conversations to help achieve a resolution.

Homeowners will have more visibility of their claim information, and progress, through a new GCCRS homeowner portal.  Homeowners will always know who is doing what and when it will happen.  As part of GCCRS, homeowners will also have access to technical expertise and wellbeing support.

Who Can Use GCCRS?

  • If you are a current SR customer, and you’re happy with where things are at with your claim, there is no need to change.
  • If you are not happy with the way things are going with your claim, if you do not understand parts of the settlement process, or dispute some aspects of the process, then GCCRS is designed to support and guide you through the resolution of your claim.
  • Ultimately anyone can use the GCCRS if they choose.

Southern Response and EQC have developed new processes to ensure a streamlined, cross-agency approach to claims resolution.  We will be working closely with GCCRS’s dedicated Christchurch based team to ensure that people move forward and find the right pathway for them to resolve their claim.  
To access GCCRS, phone 0508 624 327, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit us at Level 2, 145-161 Cashel Street, Christchurch, or go to www.gccrs.govt.nz