We know you will be wanting to gather as much information as possible to ensure you secure the best possible outcome for your claim. In this section, we have gathered a range of information, innovation, tips and guidance to help make the process easier and smoother.

Shared property claims can be complex, and there are a number of factors which need to be overcome before we can move forward with your claim.

You will need to move into temporary accommodation while your home is being rebuilt or repaired.

We are committed to ensuring high standards of health and safety in the workplace. This dedication extends to ensuring your wellbeing when visiting the construction site.

The main changes that affect repairing and rebuilding houses damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes relate to the land’s Technical Category.

Here you will find all of our key videos, forms and documents in one place.

You may have damage to parts of your property that are not insured by EQC but are still covered under your AMI House Policy. We call claims relating to these parts of your property 'out of scope' claims as the damage is outside of the scope of cover EQC provides.