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6 December 2015

The In The Know Hub at Eastgate Mall will close its doors as scheduled on Thursday 17th December 2015.

29 November 2015

The following media statement was provided to The Press on 27th November 2015, in response to questions about the findings of a survey conducted in 2014.

22 November 2015

It's good to see a positive story in The Press about the rebuild, featuring one of our main contractors, Mike Greer Homes.

20 November 2015

Lorraine's rebuild journey comes to an end this month as she moves into her new Jennian-built home. In the below video, Lorraine shares the final chapter of her rebuild story.

5 November 2015

The In the Know Hub’s next seminar, EQC - Increased Liquefaction Vulnerability (ILV) land damage – what it is and how does a property qualify for it, will be held several times in the next few weeks.